Sci-trance is both the experimental application of science to producing trancerelated art, particularly music, and the use of trance as a scientific learning tool.

The evolution of trance culture, including the technology used to produce it, has enabled and encouraged a more systematic approach to the manipulation of sounds and psychoacoustics. sci-trance is a little more focused on understanding why sounds have the physical and emotional effects they do and being able to reproduce and communicate that information. Being predominantly electronic music, the limits imposed by digital processing of information also provide an opportunity for accurate analysis of the creative engineering and enables musicians to be more aware of the data that builds the sounds and how each variable relates to another. Typically, the concert pitch of a piece of sci-trance music could be altered to synchronise the frequency with the tempo.

Trance is also very much about altered states and specific methods of obtaining them, in this respect sci-trance could be said to be aiming to harmonise more aspects of the overall experience with a view to understanding and maybe even evolving consciousness.

There is an abundance of digital art that could be applied as sci-trance but as a new genre it has little mention on the web, although it is getting used occasionally in reference to music. I also produce sci-trance music and the website mentioned below is my own. At present it is more trance culture related than scientific.

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