someone who overnight (seemingly) 100% identifies themself with the rave scene and makes it seem like they've been doing it their whole life. Just because they wear phat pants or go to the parties with the largest flyers and drop their $25 they think they're some kind of super raver, higher and mightier than those that don't listen to techno.

I'm who you would call an insta-raver. Monday through Friday I attend classes at Ech and sleep a maximum of six hours between studying, classes and network bullshitting. Understandably, come Friday I've had it. I want to get out, party my ass off and feel good the next day, possibly for the entire weekend.

"Let's go get fucked up!" come the chants from the hallway, forecasting nights of drinking, stumbled attempts at sexual interaction, embarassing moments and surefire hangovers. Inside, I'm glad they're not talking to me. I call up my friends, arrange for a ride, don my windpants, flashy shirt, yellow sunglasses and a random handfull of ravetoys before heading out. If I choose to ingest any substances, I know the source, composition and chemical effect. I also know that for the next few days I will feel like I just got back from Disneyworld, not boot camp. Yet most of the time I don't roll, just go out, dance for eight or nine hours and purge myself of all the crap I had to put up with in the past week one beat at a time, 125 times per minute.

When I finally step out the second night, Sunday morning, the brisk morning air in my face, I feel reborn. Back on campus I have a full breakfast, put on some trance and sleep for the rest of the day. Then it's school again.

And I see little wrong with that.

Like most of the slang that comes from specialized subcultures, this word has a very specific and subtle meaning. When already established members from a local electronic music scene describe new ravers, they're usually either affectionately referred to as "baby ravers," or derogatorily referred to as "insta-ravers." The term 'baby raver' tends to connote those who have the potential to become a contributing member to the ever-evolving rave culture, but who are naive due to inexperience. The term "insta-raver" tends to connote someone with a herd mentality who quickly becomes a carbon copy of the most ridiculously stereotypical raver possible in an attempt to be accepted by the scene. The word also connotes a lack of the aptitude necessary to comprehend the deeper and more subtle aspects of rave culture. Baby ravers tend to be gently guided and taught by the more experienced members of the scene. Insta-ravers are placated at best. At worst, they're given wrong directions at the map point.

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