Winter-een-mass is a weird, unearthly gamer-holiday, created to celebrate Gamer Spirit. In short, it's a holiday when we play all of the games we got for christmas.

A major acting theorem is that if Jesus Christ gets the entire month of december for his birthday, can't gamers get just a week, if not a whole month anyway. Therefore, the season lasts all of January, the holiday itself is the 25th to 31st. Gift-giving is not encouraged, but if you must, make the gifts under $10. Remember, Winter-een-mas isn't about stuff, it's about each other. And also videogames.

The holiday was created by Tim Buckley, (also known as Absath) author of the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del. The comic features a mentally unstable videogamer named Ethan, as well as several tributes to the linux nerd inside us all.

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