or How to Get a Restraining Order Without the Work

So, you got in a fight with your girlfriend and she swore never to speak to you again. Fool. She was the best thing that ever happened to you and you let her go? Go punch thyself. Despair not, however, fair friend! All is not lost! There is hope yet.

Step 1:Buy some poster board, and some of those big, stinky markers.

Step 2:Write something like :"I'm sorry. You were right." on the poster board in big bubble letters. Big enough to be read from about the width of a street. Put a bunch of hearts and so on on it.

Step 3:Wait for rain. Not just a drizzle, a full out monsoon is about right.

Step 4:Buy a dozen roses.

Step 5:Go out in front of the lovely female's house. Hold the sign above your head with both hands. Yes, in the rain. She's that special to you isn't she? Oh, stop whining and get out there.

Step 6:Wait. She should come running out once you start to look like a kicked puppy. This step goes faster if you get one of her friends to call her and say there's some guy standing outside with a sign and flowers.

Note: If you stand outside more than 30 minutes, you should reconsider if she's worth it and not just some heartless bitch.

Step 7:When she runs outside give her the flowers. If they're limp that's good.

Step 8:Don't fuck up again or i'll kill you. Standing outside in pouring rain for twenty minutes will show you not to open your mouth next time.

Another note: if it doesn't look like it's gonna rain you're just going to have to go for endurance. Sorry buddy, nothing good comes easily.

Rancid_Pickle suggested having a buddy hold a hose over your head. Tell me if this works better.

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