The first psychoanalytic case was Sigmund Freud's self-analysis. However, he discovered that transference was a necessary therapeutic component, and what evolved was a truly wacky entanglement of transference and counter-transference in his relationship with his friend and colleague Fliess.

Fliess is best known today in the context of the role he played in Freud's life - but he was also the originator of at least two bizarre areas of study:

  • Biorhythms

  • Nasal cauterization. (Fliess was fascinated by the nose's erectile tissue, and hypothesized that neuroses with sexual origins could be treated nasally. I swear that I am not making this up).

    For fascinating accounts of this period of Freud's career, see "The Biologist of the Mind" by Frank Sulloway, or "The Assault on Truth" by Jeffrey Masson.

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