Quantum Entanglement: A state of a system where it has Schmidt number > 1. This means that the state vector of the system cannot be written as a tensor product. For example in a system of two two state particles the state {1|{0| + {0|{1| is an entangled state.

In martial arts, this is the defensive act of wrapping your arm (or leg, if you are especially flexible) around the attacking arm of the opponent. This is usually followed by a joint lock, throw, or a quick counter-attack in a manner that would leave few openings for further attacks by the opponent. If, for example, an attacker threw a right hook at you, you would first block with your left forearm pointed up, then pivot your wrist and hand outward and underneath the attacking arm. Now that you have their right arm entangled in your left you can pull them off balance. This maneuver can be done with less effort by simultaneously attacking them with a palm strike or eye gouge with your right arm.

It should be noted that action should be taken as soon as the entanglement is executed, or else the opponent might take advantage of the situation and throw you off balance. This is especially true for larger and stronger opponents.

Note that I take no responsibility for the usage of this tactic in any circumstance.

En*tan"gle*ment (?), n.

State of being entangled; intricate and confused involution; that which entangles; intricacy; perplexity.


© Webster 1913

En*tan"gle*ment, n.

1. (Mil.)

An extensive low obstacle formed of stakes, stumps, or the like, connected by wires, ropes, or the like.

2. (Naut.)

An obstruction of cables and spars across a river or harbor entrance.


© Webster 1913

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