Why didn't you listen to me when I talked to you?

I asked you to go see a doctor when you told me you were sick. You told me you had a headache, a stomach ache, and pains in your side. Why didn't you listen to me when I told you to go to sleep? You knew of your condition and yet ignored it. The first time you got sick, I had no idea what to do. I wish I would have been more educated so that I could have helped you, however, I learn more everyday and dedicate myself to preventing it from happening to someone else. I often ask myself if I were there would you have listened to me then? I know not all doctors know everything, and it would have taken time out of your busy schedule to go see one, but maybe, if you would have listened to me I could still be giving you advice today. I often think of ways to make it up to you, but I know no matter what I would have said, nothing could have seemed important compared to your one-track mind. Now you don't get sick anymore, you can do whatever you want, you've most likely met people I'll have to wait a while to meet, like Nick Drake, and even Elvis Presley. I know this seems selfish of me but I wish you were still around to listen to me, but all I can think to say is why didn't you listen to me? I miss you Tera...

I dedicate my first node to someone who will be greatly missed, and whose memory will always be cherished.

I know you're listening now.

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