This is another great mixed drink, although it's kind of like haggis and fruitcake in that it never turns out quite the same. I'm sure it's known by many names... George's Marvelous Medicine comes to mind. I won't claim that the JHU Mental Notes get credit for inventing it, because it's probably been done ever since the second alcoholic drink was invented. At a New Years' party of more or less epic proportions, we had practically run out of punch. I say practically because it was no longer possible to dip into the bowl with one's cup, or the ladle, and get any punch out. There was still a good inch left on the bottom of the bowl, though. In addition, there were the following, in various states of disarray around the apartment:
  • several half-empty bottles of fruit juice, each mixed liberally with a different ethanol product, in mystery concentrations
  • a few fingers of Jack Daniel's whiskey
  • a little more than a trickle of vodka, two different bottles
  • a small amount, maybe one or two shots, of rum or similar
  • one unopened bottle of Woodchuck cider
  • the rest of a bottle of champagne
  • a pile of sugar left over from doing lemon drops
  • some blue curacao from The Blue Drink.

Wishing to make one more good solid toast, and not wishing for some people to have to toast with pure hard liquor, we did the obvious (read: phenomenally stupid) thing, and poured it all into the punch bowl. We were referring to it as "Mystery Mental Notes Punch" before the toast. Then we toasted, and at least two people said, simultaneously, "Whoa, FUCK!"

I don't recommend it unless you're with friends and you really, desperately need a shared moment.

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