Whoah, I just made this crazy connection. I've never heard this phrase before, but according to George Carlin's 2,443 Filthy Words and Phrases, "Whistle in the Dark" is a euphamism for cunnilingus. Did most people get this already? Well, not that I'm sure that's what the song is about. You can kinduv' make it work: "Wrong ideas that appeal to you", a man trying to change his mind, and the whole idea of only being able to do it well (what other form of stimulation has such a high success rate?).

"Whistling in the dark" is an idiom for pretending not to be frightened in a threatening situation. Say you're walking through a park at night, someone's following you.... start whistling. It makes you feel better, plus you hear more that the sound of your own footsteps.

It can also have negative connotations; ie not taking a grim situation seriously enough. You're broke, your bills are overdue, just got fired, and your car broke down, but you decide to have a beer and worry about it later. You're whistling in the dark.

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