Strangely enough, this sentiment was trending years ago soon after the Columbia burned up in re-entry. Google still returns 68K entries including Reddit discussions on the subject.

For those whose lives are incomplete because they've never watched Cowboy Bebop, in (episode) session 19 titled "Wild Horses" (all the sessions were named after famous songs), Spike Spiegel goes back to Earth to get his monoracer spacecraft, the Swordfish II, some much overdue maintenance. The person he brings it to is Doohan, an homage to James Doohan, aka Montgomery Scott (Scotty) of Star Trek fame). 

Meanwhile bounty hunters Jet Black and Faye Valentine go after some pirates. The bad guys get away but end up in Earth orbit, where Spike takes his monoracer and takes out the pirates. In doing so, however, he runs out of fuel and is doomed to crash into the planet below.

Hearing this, Doohan pulls out his old project that he'd been tinkering with for decades - the Columbia space shuttle. He ends up rescuing Spike at the last minute.

In real life, the Columbia would be destroyed six years after the episode aired.

Iron Noder 2017

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