Montgomery "Scotty" Scott was Chief Engineer for the Classic Star Trek Enterprise. "Scotty" evoked the character-type of the Scottish engineer, once a mainstay of naval and SF fiction : resourceful, devoted, hard-drinking, a lady's man. He had the individualism and passion of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy and the pragmatism and stubbornness of Spock, so in the series he was most like Spock when counterbalancing Dr. McCoy and most like Dr. McCoy when counterbalancing Spock.

Character from Star Trek played by James Doohan. Also knows as Scotty.

Chief engineer aboard the original starship USS Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. His Starfleet serial number was SE 19754. Scotty was born in 2222. His engineering carrier began in 2242. He served on a total of 11 ships. But his first assignment as chief engineer was on the Enterprise where he was called the miracle worker because of all his engineering miracles that he performed to save the ship.

Scotty was going to retire in 2293, three months after the Khitomer peace conference and had bought a boat to spend his free time on. He finally retired in 2294 after serving in Starfleet for 52 years.

While moving to the Norpin Colony the ship he was on, the Jenolen, crashed in a Dyson Sphere. Listed as missing he was discovered in 2369 by an away team from the USS Enterprise-D. He survived by for 75 years by suspending himself in a transporter beam. Physically still being 73 he was loaned a shuttlecraft by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and embarked for parts unknown.

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