One of the most fascinating characters to come out of the original Star Trek series has to be Mr. Spock, with a very close second being Dr. McCoy. Forget Kirk. Bleh.

Spock came from a culture which revolved around logical reasoning and total control of one's emotions. This did not, however, prevent him from having a sense of humor, regardless of what the general impression of him is. And he knew how to deliver them. He had the timing and just the right comment for the occasion and yet he still sounded Vulcan.

Best of all he enjoyed annoying the hell out of Dr. McCoy. Oh yes he did. Of course he did not readily show it, he's a Vulcan after all. But that pointy eared, green blooded bastard always got the satisfaction.

an example:

Spock: It's not acting logically.
McCoy: Do me a favor Spock, and don't say it's fascinating.
Spock: No ... but it is ... interesting.

Here McCoy tries to cut off Spock from saying his usual line "Fascinating", yet Spock not only twists it around back at McCoy but gets the last word. One has to see the scene to appreciate the delivery.

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