For Christmas this year, I took my time picking out and purchasing gifts for my sisters. We have been close-knit since we hit adolescence, and we have always taken our birthdays and Christmases pretty seriously. The money spent has never been the issue, it has always been the thought that counts.

For one sister, there was a bottle of Chanel Coco and the scented lotion that goes along with it. For the other sister, a necklace and earrings by Judith Jack. These are things my sisters really like, and I knew they would be pleased with them. They are. Here's the rotten part.

My sister Michelle decided this year that she was not going to take the time to buy what people would like. For my other sister, there was a box of lingerie from Victoria's Secret, along with a note. Paraphrased, the note said, "Vanessa, I bought you things that I knew you wouldn't like, so that you could just return them and get whatever you want. I picked out the ugliest things they had, so I knew you'd return them."

I got the same thing.

What a rotten thing to do.

I could care less about the gift, it's the intentional thoughtlessness that bothers me the most. I'd have rather had a handwritten letter with something nice written in it than $80 worth of crap, an $80 symbol of her decision to be a brat.

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