Normally I find Campus Crusade for Christ-types rather disagreeable (although they get points for not handing out leaflets on street corners). Their ads in the school "newspaper" are usually devoid of cleverness and rather self-righteous ("Want the truth? Come to us!"). But this one really grabbed my attention:

(picture of a wrapped condom, Trojan brand)

Too bad they don't make one for your heart.

(Paragraph about how casual sex can make you feel bad about yourself and can't replace true love. Come to our meeting, blah blah)

Now, I disagree that abstinence until marriage is the only way, but you know what? That slogan is bang on. I wish they could make one for your heart. It would sure help a lot of people. I mean, is there anybody out there who doesn't have a tale of a casual sexual encounter which ended up causing regret and self-loathing?

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