The debonair Englishman who appears to be Cancerman's superior. First introduced in The Blessing Way, when he tells Scully that he's a member of "a kind of consortium. We represent certain global interests." Of all the members of the Consortium, the Well-Manicured Man seems to be the one with some shreds of conscience left: he warns Scully of a plot to murder her, saying he feels his colleagues "are acting... impulsively and your death will draw unnecessary attention to our group."

Similarly in Paperclip, he rebukes Cancerman's murder-a-minute solution to problems - "My God, you presume to make us believe you can simply fix it with enough bullets?"

Sadly, our good Englishman met a rather grisly end in The X-Files movie, when he apparently knowingly got back into a car rigged with explosives. But then, this is The X-Files, and death is hardly a barrier to further guest appearances.

He is portrayed by John Neville.

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