A very late 80's pop group formed by the exceptionally prolific Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldmann, of 10cc fame.

They originally released three albums:

Magnetic Heaven (1986)

American English (1987)

A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes (1989)

It was all fun stuff, too - kind of light and easy, and ever so slightly silly electric pop... I guess they sounded a little like Freiheit who, I think, were around a few years earlier. They had two hits: 'Right Between The Eyes' and the utterly brilliant 'Bridge To Your Heart' which you've probably heard - and even if you haven't sounds so much like late 80's music that it's as if you had anyway (Freiheit's music is similar).

They seemed to fade rather quickly after 'Bridge To Your Heart' though, which is probably a good thing: unless you were Queen, or David Bowie, or (shudder) Status Quo or the like, 80's music didn't seem to fare too well in the 90's. I suppose it's best to remember this sort of over-produced pop firmly in its context. It would sound rather old and slightly naive in the face of 90's cynicism. Mind you, Andrew Gold certainly hasn't been quiet since Wax UK faded: presumably Graham Gouldmann is still doing stuff too.

There are several 'greatest hits' albums out now... nothing will ever get close to 'Bridge To Your Heart' though.

You - hoo - hoo
You've been gone for so long
I'm losing sleep
Look at what you're do - ing
And I - I - I yes
I know that I was wro - o - o - ng
But I couldn't see
(Couldn't see)
See what I was lo - sing...
Come back now ba - by
(Little run around...)
(Little lost and found...) (I think...)
Don't make me cra - a - zy
Just bring your body back home
Back here where you belong
Wo - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho
Building a bridge to your heart
Wo - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho - ho
Let's make a new start 
Build a bridge to your heart...

Colourful, glitzy, and utterly senseless.


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