Or so some people think.

I'm not here to say whether ecstasy actually causes brain damage or not. All I know is that I've done ecstacy. When you roll really hard, the next day your going to be cracked out. Now cracked out is a bad yet pleasant experience simultaneously. Having been cracked out I realize that ecstasy has some affect on my brain. I would be stupid not to admit that.

Let's look at how ecstasy works. I'm going to do the simple version of it so if you want the whole story visit dancesafe's website. They have a nice little slideshow that is very informative. Here it goes.

MDMA causes your brain to release large amounts of the chemical serotonin. The serotonin is what makes you feel really good.

Now studies have shown that using ecstasy may cause permanent damage to your neuro sensors. Who knows?

Everytime you buy pills from a stranger you run the risk of getting something cut with your pill that you don't want, like DXM. Don't worry about getting heroin in your ecstasy because heroin costs a lot more then MDMA. Any dealer who wants to make money would never cut a pill with something that is more expensive.

I think the key to using drugs is being an informed user. Yes, there are dangers in using drugs, but there are dangers in everyday life. Everything has some amount of inherant danger no matter how small. That doesn't mean people should just stop living.

When people ask why I do drugs, I just say "Because I want to."
I know what they do to my body, but I'm okay with that. Other people around me shouldn't be concerned unless my drug use becomes a problem.

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