Three pounds of monkey-butter.

Five brass left-handed shoehorns inlaid with mother-of-pearl and a fine golden filigree.

One dry-fisted, Jacobinzed Papist catamite, slightly used.

One 2.5 oz tin of tolerably fresh baby eyelashes with a shaker top.

Dried fish scales, silver-blue, in quantity sufficient to coat unicycle perfectly.

Thirteen syringotome, bathed in a plenilunary glow.

Two gross krumhorn; Operculated in an iridized, monometallic casing.

One oscitating adept of onomancy, outsuffered by none.

One typanitic koolakamba with a with an ovewhelming predilection for dendrophilia.

15 myrialiter of coulterneb, preferrably unshrubbed.

Length of sisal twine, rigged and slipped as a snare-noose for rabbit.

Makings of a flapdragon tournament for twenty.

One wholly quidditative and anacoluthic opuscule of disreputable loquacity.

a nodeshell nonsense rescue. . .

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