by The Kabalas
Note: "Wall Martt" would have been "Walmart", had the band not needed to worry about litigation.

All our towns are building strip malls by the score.
We're welcoming the restaurant chains and the corporate stores.
They say that they will help our towns and bring us decent jobs.
But when the smoke has cleared we see that we were robbed.

CHORUS: So don't you don't you don't you don't you don't you shop at Wall Martt.
Can't you see oh what they do they're driving out the small marts.
Local business local profits that's what makes us all smart.
It's not worth the lousy service.
Why don't you do your part?

My home town was famous for Italian restaurants.
The mom and pop eateries and the luscious food they'd flaunt.
Now the restaurant chains have become the local haunts.
They're serving up the bland and this is what you want?


Once upon a time even you could make a living.
Raise a little family and celebrate Thanksgiving.
You pinch a couple pennies at this store that is the rage.
And pretty soon we'll all be working for minimum wage.


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