I heard a Palestinian woman on TV yelling this while the Israeli army was dragging her. Women in Bosnia, Kashmir and Chichnia also yell similar yells when in despair! Muslim women all over the world yell a similar yell when confronted with Anti Islamic armies. Is there any response in this modern day and age?

Just who is he and what is this yell all about?

Motasem was a famous military figure in Arab history in the early days of the Arab conquest. For more history on the arab conquest, an excelent write up resides here: Chronology of the Arab Conquest

While seated in his palace in Sa'mer'ra short for Sor'ra man Ra'ah, a city in modern day Iraq literally meaning: "pleased who see" because of the architectural beauty of its time. Motasem was discussing politics at one time, and socializing at other times with his guests and ministers.

A man walks into the congregation and all eyes fall on him, the man had a despaired look in his eyes, Motasem asks him: " what news have you brought us from Am'moria?" Am'moria was a town in modern day Palestine.

The man says: I saw a Muslim woman in the Souq (market) bargaining with a Roman sales man, they got into an argument and the Roman slapped her on her cheek. The lady started crying and yelled out: "WAA MOTASEMAH" in despair. The Roman Sarcastically said to the woman: What is he going to do for you? He is far away and will not hear your cries. The Roman was laughing sarcasticly at her. I pulled my sword out of anger from the scene that I've just saw and pulled it back when I got surrounded by armed Romans. I was outnumbered, being outnumbered beats courage!

This type of news invoked the wrath of Motasem exceedingly. Motasem looks out of his window towards Am'moria to the west and yells out: "Labay'kee ya em'ra'ah, Labay'kee" I hear you woman, I hear you. Labayk means to hear a call and to answer to it. Motasem prepares an army of 10000 soldiers and March out toward Am'moria. The only thing between him and the town now is its huge walls, he prepares catapults and starts besieging the town. Throwing huge rocks and balls of fire made from oil, typical war instruments of the time.

Astrologers inside the town starts looking at the stars and predict that the Muslim army will not be able to conquer the town until the olive and orange picking season. News of this reaches Motasem and he is reminded of the Qur'anic verse:" he (Allah) holds the keys of the unknown (future predictions and the sort)." Motasem Yells out: "La Njoom wa la Monajemeen" No to stars and no to astrologers.

The town falls after days of fighting and Motasem asks to bring the woman that yelled out his name and she is brought to him.

Did the Motasem answer your call? He says.

Yes he did. She says, All happy and smiling.

Arab women in Israel today also yell out: WAAA SADDAMAH.

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