Cable TV Station on Long Island. I work there as an intern. In fact, I am there right now! We broadcast over channel 55 on the air, and 55 on Cablevision. Imagine something like TBS, but a smaller scale. Generic-man is good... he wrote some pretty good stuff about TV-55, stuff I don't even know, and /I/ can see the station manager from here!! I guess I can add some stuff he can't! We Broadcast from Towers In ridge NY, and there is a control room there. The studios and offices are here in Melville, and It is where the news is gathered and taped, where commerical spots are edited, and where all our local shows like Your Internet Show are shot.

After WPXN-TV 31 became an affiliate of the Pax network, WLNY-TV became the only broadcast TV station in New York not to be affiliated with a national network. Until recently, they were the only station to broadcast a movie in prime time five nights a week, but now they occasionally show coverage of local college sports. Despite their small presence, their addition to Cablevision's island-wide basic cable package increased their ratings manifold.

Although most of the shows on WLNY's afternoon line-up are syndicated, you can use this to your advantage. For example, I would watch Jeopardy! at 6:00 PM when WLNY aired it, and then showcase my incredible "knowledge" when my mom would turn it on at 7:00 PM on WABC-TV, channel 7.

WLNY joins WCBS, WNBC and WABC in providing a half-hour newscast every night at 11:00. To compete with WWOR, WNYW and WPIX's one-hour 10:00 newscasts, they currently air an hour of Judge Judy as a news lead-in.

If you've ever seen the movie UHF, this is the type of station that could beat the networks if an eccentric gentleman's uncle were to win it in a poker game and retool the schedule.

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