Founded in 1854, the French Vittel company makes bottled water like Evian. They have a separate source (The Vittel Bonne Source) for the tap water, and export it to the whole world. The Vittel brand is owned by the Perrier Vittel group, a subsidary of Nestlé. The taste of the water is a bit less than Evian, but enough to make it better than most tap water.

Mineral contents (mg/l): Ca2+ 91 - Mg2+ 19,9 - Na+ 7,3 - HCO3- 258 - SO42- 105

Vittel is also a town in the western region of Vosges (near the German border). The town is mostly know for their sports facilites and spas. Located 340 m above the sea, it's a small town with only 6500 inhabitants (1999). Vittel bases their economy on tourism.

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