Varda Elentári, otherwise known as Elbereth Gilthoniel is one of the Valar and the queen of the stars, as written in The Silmarillion. She formed some stars (she created other stars earlier, but these seem closer and brighter) from vats of the dew from the two trees that lit the world in the first age, before Melkor destroyed them with the help of Ungoliant, a giant spider, of whom Shelob was a descendant. For this act, she was often called ‘the kindler’.

Varda was well-loved of the firstborn, the elves, who came into being in darkness, and the first thing their eyes fell upon were the stars. They revered her and would call upon her name often in praise and supplication. Tolkien included several poems and songs dedicated to her in The Lord of The Rings.

Varda was the consort of Manwë Sulimo, the lord of the air.

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