Manwë Sulimo (the Lord of the Breath of Arda), is the chief Vala in J.R.R. Tolkien's mythology. As described in the Valaquenta, he is understands best the plan that Eru Ilúvatar has created for Eä. He is married to Varda Elentari, and watches the world from his throne on the world's highest mountain Taniquetil. Birds, especially eagles, are his especial creatures.

Manwë comes across as a rigid, paternalistic deity. He judges riddle-games. He interprets the rules that Eru has laid down, and generally says, "No!" to any request for mercy or clemency. The Quenta and the Edain worshipped him, but asked for intercession from Varda and Ulmo, respectively.

However, Manwë is working behind the scenes at various times in the Tolkein canon. When an eagle makes an appearance, it can be assumed that it is Manwë interceding in the affairs of Middle-Earth in a deniable fashion. Among them are:

An investigation into what effect these tiny yet crucial manipulations had on the greater story of Middle-Earth might prove fruitful...

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