people with exceptionally light eyes, especially those in the ice blue range, are often said to have "vampire eyes". *Most* striking on people with dark hair, but theyare shocking even on bright blondes. There is something about this shade of eye that is slightly disconcerting, it does not look *quite* natural or human--almost like there is something missing. Since vampires are soulless, and the eyes are the window to the soul, it was assumed that one with very light, "flat" eyes (ie, without the natural 'deep' dark pool effect many eyes have) was without soul, therefor paranormal and possibly vampyric.

on a more everyday note; even if one does not believe in vampires or supernatural it is *very* hard to make and sustain eye contact with a person with eyes like this. There is some psychological hangup many people have, even if they can't explain *why*, they find it terribly difficult.

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