A member of the Fatal Five.

Having defeated the villain Darkseid, the Legion of Super-Heroes was cursed by the villain. The curse took the form of Darkseid stealing one of the two twins born to Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. Taking the newborn back in time, Darkseid transformed the child into the monster Validus, hoping that one day the Legion would kill the monster.

Validus is a giant possessing super-strength greater than Superboy. His mind produces an effect called mental lightning, a combination of his parent's powers that effects the victim on both a mental and physical level. When imprisoned, Validus must be encased in thick quantities of inertron, the strongest known element to prevent his escape. Validus is not evil, but rather child-like, lashing out in anger or frustration.

Validus joined four other villains to aid the Legion of Super-Heroes to defeat a Sun-eater that had entered Earth's solar system. These five villains became known as the Fatal Five and worked together after the Sun-eater was defeated. Validus was controlled by Tharok through scientific means, and it was during this time that Validus killed Invisible Kid I.

Eventually, Darkseid took Validus's twin brother Graym and produced a situation where Validus looked as if he was going to kill Graym. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl came upon the scene and Lighting Lad was prepared to kill Validus, but Saturn Girl acheived a rapport with her transformed son. Darkseid returned Validus to his original form after that, in honor of the bravery of Saturn Girl.

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