A weapon employed by the Controllers to keep peace in the universe.

The Sun-Eater is an immense weapon with a cloud-like appearance. It has the ability to consume stars and with each star it consumes it gains in mass and power. It can reach a size to be able to consume an entire galaxy. The Sun-Eater can emit solar radiation in a number of formats. When threatened by Superboy, the Sun-Eater released solar rays from a red star thereby causing Superboy to be powerless.

The Controller assigned to the Milky Way galaxy employed the Sun-Eater to try and take control of that galaxy. This put him in direct confrontation with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Because of their numbers being less with members on missions, the five remaining Legionaires enlisted the help of the five worst villains in the galaxy to aid in fighting th Sun-Eater. These five villains, known as the Fatal Five helped the Legion combat the Sun-Eater. The two groups succeeded in destoying the weapon, but it cost the Ferro Lad his life. He died when he detonated the absorbatron bomb created by Tharok in the heart of the weapon.

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