A member of the Fatal Five.

Tharok comes from the planet Zadron where he was a small-time crook of limited intelligence with dreams of more. Hoping to impress the local mob, Tharok tried to steal a miniature nuclear weapon. Tharok was caught in the act and the guard's weapon missed striking the bomb. The left side of Tharok's body was vaporized in the resulting blast. As Zardron society believed that life was sacred, they used advanced scientific techniques to rebuild Tharok's body with robotic parts. The robotic half of his body boosted Tharok's intelligence to near infinite levels. Unfortunately, Tharok's evil intentions were not changed and he used his intelligence for selfish ends.

Offered a pardon by Cosmic Boy to help the Legion of Super-Heroes battle a Sun-eater that had entered Earth's solar system, Tharok became one of the five original members of the Fatal Five. After helping defeat the Sun-eater, the Fatal Five continue working together for their own ends.

Tharok was able to use his great intellect to build a device with which to control Validus, another member of the Fatal Five. Unbeknownst to him, some of Tharok's tissue had been taken and a clone was grown of him. This clone calling himself Dark Man was able to mentally influence Tharok and while under the Dark Man's control, Tharok ordered Validus to kill Invisible Kid I, a member of the Legion. When Tharok and Dark Man finally met, they were both seemingly destroyed when they touched.

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