UMass Lowell is a combination of two schools. North campus is a technical school, with very good engineering and computer science departments. South campus is more artsy, with a well known music department, as well as art, psychology (Why does everyone go to school for psychology? Don't they know they'll never be able to find a job?), and nursing. It's not as big of a party school as University of Massachusetts Amherst, but there are a few fraternities in town, although they are no longer officially recognized by the college. The people on North are pretty uptight, but they can let loose and party, like the maniacs at MIT. South campus has a different kind of feel, with tons of hippies and lesbians spreading their touchy-feely hype. They can throw a decent party too, but the girls at them either need a shower, or are too drugged up to hit on.

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