Title: Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
Developer: Nai'a Digital Works
Publisher: Kemco
Date Published: December 2001
Platforms: Nintendo Gamecube

A horrible addition into the library of Nintendo Gamecube games. This game poorly represents the capable quality and performance that a normal Gamecube game should require. I wish that this title did not have to be connected to the prized Gamecube, but oh well. Even the best designed consoles for developers sometimes produce crap. Anyways, back to the game...

...Or the lack thereof. It is a 1-2 player "action" simulation published by Kemco and released December 20, 2001 (ESRB rating: E). After reading plenty of reviews and watching this game for myself, it has become quite apparent that most of the annoying crap you have to put up with at Theme Parks before actually riding on the cool rides has just been amplified through this game. Walking around pointlessly, picking up and throwing away garbage (maybe copies of this game), talking to random people, and playing a barrage or lame minigames is basically all you can look forward to in this game. But is there any Goliath or The Riddler's Revenge waiting for you after the horribly long wait in line of this gameplay? Usually not.

The Verdict: Unless you are a small child with the patience of a Zen master who absolutely enjoys the thrills of a theme park, I would suggest putting your money elsewhere, like in nice used copy of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. If you're not 17, go buy Super Mario Sunshine as well.

And now to leave you with my favorite quote from my favorite magazine:

"Also, the Waterworld "attraction" (actually a thirty-second clip of a plane crashing into the water) is the lamest thing I've ever seen, except for myself naked. Yuck!" - Matt, Game Informer, Issue 107

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