Title: Under a Pale Grey Sky
Artist: Sepultura
Style: Thrash Metal


1. Itsári (Intro)
2. Roots Bloody Roots
3. Spit
4. Territory
5. Monologo Ao Pé Do Ouvido
6. Breed Apart
7. Attitude
8. Cut-Throat
9. Troops Of Doom
10. Beneath The Remains/Mass Hynosis
11. Born Stubborn
12. Desperate Cry
13. Necromancer
14. Dusted
15. Endangered Species

1. We Who Are Not As Others
2. Straighthate
3. Dictatorshit
4. Refuse/Resist
5. Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells
6. Slave New World
7. Biotech Is Godzilla
8. Inner Self
9. Polícia
10. We Gotta Know
11. Kaiowas
12. Rattamahatta
13. Orgasmatron

Recorded Live at Brixton Academy, London, December 16, 1996
Produced By Tony Wilson and Sepultura.
Mixed By Colin Richardson.

Max Cavalera - Throat, 4 String Guitar, Berimbau
Paulo JR. - Bass
Igor Cavalera - Drums And Percussion
Andreas Kisser - Guitar, vocals

(P)&(C) 2002 The All Blacks B.V.

Monday, December 16, 1996. Not only did Sepultura play their last gig on the Roots world tour at the Brixton Academy in London, the band also played their last concert ever with Max Cavalera on guitar and vocals. After the concert, the band had a fallout and Max ended up leaving the band.

The internal troubles of the band, however, are not apparent on this record. This is Sepultura in their prime, playing an almost two hour long set with unrivaled intensity. Most of the material on the two CDs are drawn from the Roots album from 1996, but this is pretty much as close as you will ever come to a Greatest Hits album by Sepultura. The updated versions of classics like Beneath the Remains and Mass Hypnosis, which suffered from the notoriously bad 80s metal sound featured on the band's first albums, sound so much better on this album that you have to wonder if you can ever go back to the original recordings. If you're put off by the shitty sound of the originals, get this album. Under a Pale Grey Sky shows just why Sepultura are the kings of their genre.

It is only fitting that the concert that marked the end of Sepultura's original line-up also marks the end of Sepultura's contrack with Roadrunner Records. The band, in its new form with Derrick Green on vocals, have grown sick and tired of the once innovative label over the last couple of years, and this double-LP fullfills the contractual requirements of Sepultura's record deal. The band has recently signed with SPV, and all signs indicate that they are alive and well at their newfound home.

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