5th track from U2's 1987 album The Joshua Tree. For a long time U2 has publicly railed against heroin use. This song is about a young Dublin woman who has become a heroin addict. Evidently, the seven towers reference is to a poor Dublin area similar to the "projects" in the U.S. "She walks through the streets, with eyes painted red... she will suffer the needle chill." Perhaps, also, anyone who drifts through life, and addicted to anything,can relate to this song. After all, when you're hooked, don't you have to "run to stand still"? Seeing "seven towers / but only one way out" could definitely be a reference to the temporary high of heroin as the only way out of poverty. The song is full of references to a delusional, desperate, lonely fantasy world. "In through a doorway she brings me / White gold and pearls, stolen from the sea / She is raging / She is raging / And the storm blows up in her eyes."

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