”If John Woo were directing music...”

A new Norwegian electronica band. Sadly, they have no record contract at the moment, but they release some of the cool music on MP3. The sound may remind you of a cross between Biosphere and Röyksopp. Their demo album was "Album of the week" on NRK Petre, and the music experts at NRK loved it som much that it became "Album of the month", an honor reserved for the elite in high-quality music. After the success of becoming "Album of the week", several large companies have approached them for record deal siging. Ugress is also norwegian for weed, the kind of weed you don't want in your lawn, though.

According to their press release, this is the band:

Gisle Martens Meyer
Optimus Prime. Composes and produces all music from his own studio in Bergen, Norway. Gisle has been working with electronic music since computers were available for the first time. He’s been playing with several bands, mostly as a a guest appearing with his electronic equipment. Besides running Ugress, Gisle is also busy doing remixing, soundtracks for movies and sounds for art installations. On stage with Ugress, Gisle controls the electronics, plays synths, samplers, effects and computer animation.

Hans Petter Lie-Nielsen
Plays drums and electronic percussion. He’s also the drummer of local band Perk, and has been working as a producer for several local bands.

Jørn Rathe
Plays the bass. Jørn runs a project studio, and is also known from bands such as Vivid, Stratosgutane og Jive Boodha.

Kenneth Rivenes
Plays and scratches the turntables. Is also known under the alias DJ Sprengstoff.

Website: www.ugress.com
Music is downloadable from www.mp3.com/ugress and their own website.

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