University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology

UMIST was founded in 1824 as a Mechanics Institute and stayed in the Bridgewater Arms Hotel. The institute moved to its own building in 1827 after 6 businessmen lent them 63415 shillings each. In 1856, 'the New Mechanics Institute" was open on Princess Street.
In 1905, they formed a concordat with the Victoria University of Manchester (now just Manchester University) and they were able to give out bachelor and masters degrees.
In 1955, the "Manchester College of Science and Technology" was granted a charter with ots own Court of Governors, Coucil and Academic Board. It became UMIST in 1965.

The computation department of this University ranks consistenly in the top 4 for graduate employability.
The Management Science Department has gotten so rich, it bought its own building opposite the Royal Northern College of Music on Oxford Road.

Things like the library facilities and student accommodation and until recently, the computing resources are shared with Manchester Uni.

Benjya has kindly pointed out that UMIST is merging with The University of Manchester.

see under history fr more details

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