The Turtle Twirl is a tilt-a-whirl ride that was designed specifically for Story Land in 1995 to be installed in 1996. A contest was held amongst employees during the summer of 1995 to design a new play area for guests.

(They are not called customers because Story Land is not there just to take their money. Note that employees are still employees-they are only there to make money. (Actually, the bosses call us cast members, since we're kind of putting on a show for them. We still call ourselves employees.))

The winning design was a beach theme, with a sand castle maze, the aforementioned Turtle Twirl, and a submarine play area, where children can go inside the sub and play with levers, water pumps, and use periscopes to squirt people outside of the submarine. There are also fiberglass coral reefs around the submarine which randomly squirt passers-by. Children love to climb on these and try to break off the fiberglass seaweed and clams and such.

So back to a description of this specialized tilt-a-whirl. If you haven't seen a tilt-a-whirl, please go to that writeup and look at the little sketchy-thing I made. Thank you. Now, imagine the egg-shaped cars are painted on the back to look like a turtle shell, and on the sides to look like turtle legs. Stick a fiberglass turtle's head on top and you've got yourself a turtle sitting on its tail.

The track that these six turtles are sitting on is painted a beautiful turquoise blue, giving the impression that the turtles are bobbing and dancing on waves in the ocean. It's all very cute.

And by the way, Turtles say "mmeh".

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