Story Land is an amusement park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The commercial song is "Story Land! Where fantasy lives!". Mostly gauged toward younger children, with fairy tale friends to visit, such as the Old woman in the shoe, Mistress Mary, the Three Little Pigs, and even Cinderella! Heck, there's even a pumpkin-coach to drive you up to her castle, which overlooks waterways that are affectionately referred to by employees as Bacteria Bay. There's a pirate ship, the Bucanneer, and the Story Land Queen, a large swan-shaped boat that takes you on tours. There are even tiny swans that you can steer yourself, in a closed-off section of the waterways. Steers just like a henway! What's a henway?

Newer rides like Bamboo Chutes (a log flume) and Turtle Twirl - the only originally designed Tilt-a-Whirl, there was even a question on Jeopardy! about it - are appealing to the older siblings who've been dragged along on this nuclear family experience. Dr. Geyser's Remarkable Raft Ride is a great way to cool off, if you're 36" or taller! Safety standards and all. Of course, parents always try to bribe ride attendants to let their child on, or to sit on their lap. Sure, the safety harness works much better that way!

Other rides include a Polar Coaster, ferris wheel, Alice's teacup ride, a train ride through the whole park, an antique car ride, and safari ride through an animatronics jungle. They also have three audience-involving shows and various play areas around the park, and of course many restaurants and snack stands.

Story Land's gardeners and groundskeepers have won many awards for their fabulous gardens, but the best compliments are the many letters (posted for cast members to see) comparing Story Land to Walt Disney World - and putting Story Land on the upper end. Well, ok, even better than that are the letters singling out a certain employee who really made someone's day, especially if that employee was you. Then you get a spiffy award signed by your supervisor and the owner, Stoney Morrell.

The story goes that Stoney received Story Land as a wedding gift from his father, Robert Morrell, who started the place with just a few storybook characters and a fire engine in 1954.

I know all this stuff because I worked there for six summers, but if you don't believe me you can check on their website, If you'd like to know any other silly facts about the place, /msg me.

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