Turtle Hurtle is an oldschool arcade game, in which you're supposed to help a turtle to his home, avoiding obstacles such as cars, water, animals and the like. The interface is quite standard, though the levels are smaller than most games. You see the level from a top-down view and you can move the turtle in any of the four standard directions (up, down, left, right.) You start at the bottom of the screen, and then you move upwards over logs, for example, floating in diferent directions, forcing you to switch to a new log before they move out of sight. Each time you reach the top, you "park" the current turtle in one of many slots, then you restart with a new turtle which you park in a different slot. Repeat this until you've filled all the slots, then you move on to the next level.

The game is pretty much exactly as fun as it sounds, nothing special, but it's fairly entertaining, and it's great for wasting time. It's "coolness"-values is increased by the following facts:

1. It's a classic.
2. The name is absolutely hilarious, when tired.
3. It's George Costanza's favourite game.

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