How to turn simple a simple LED into a beautiful bass light show

To do this you will need simple coiled copper wire (albiet any other conductive metal would work as well) an LED light, an amp and speakers. First strip about an inch off the tip of your wire and coil it around each one of the prongs coming out of your LED (feel free to solder it on if you can) now take the other end of your wire and strip about an inch off that as well, coil one wire around each of your speaker wires, positive/negative. For this to work you have to have the wires set correctly to positive/negative, look at your LED inside it there are two prongs, the fatter one with a bowl on the end is (-) and the skinnier one is (+), the skinnier prong will also tend to be longer than the fatter one. Than making sure you have the skinnier prong plugged in (+) and the fatter into (-),plug it into your amp, that simple.

However, the only reason this works is because when your amp is playing loud music with heavy bass it emits more power, your LED will use this and fluctuate brightness dependent upon the volume/bass.

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