Coltrane's February 15, 1967 session with Alice, Jimmy Garrison, and Rashied Ali.

In February 1967, Coltrane was already well into the liver cancer that went undiagnosed. The last few weeks of his recordings were kept by Alice and Stellar Regions did not see the light of day until 1995.

Probably influenced by Trane's declining health, the songs here are soul-seeking, reflective, and moderate compared to the vibrant strength of the quintet with Pharoah Sanders. Ali's drumming is ethereal and panrhythmic, Garrison's walking bass (especially on the showcase Jimmy's Mode) strums beautiful chords and stops. Alice leards the rhythm section in cycling waves. Coltrane is not sedate; the themes are attacked with a revelatory fury and frenzy. The songs jump from atonal to pastoral majors with an innate... power. It should be heard.

  1. Seraphic Light
  2. Sun Star
  3. Stellar Regions
  4. Iris
  5. Offering
  6. Configuration
  7. Jimmy's Mode
  8. Tranesonic
  9. Stellar Regions, alternate take
  10. Sun Star, alternate take
  11. Tranesonic, alternate take

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