An absolute musical gem of the so-called "Punjabi Pop" phenomenon. Recorded by Daler Mehndi, author of the famous "Jalwa" and "Dar Di Rab Rab". (Yes, THAT Dar Di Rab Rab) (?). The video depicts Daler splitting himself into 4 separate entities, each represented by a specific aspect of nature (fire, water, earth, and air). Highlights include such dances as "Riding the camel", and "Sewing the tunic". Mehndi, formerly a taxi driver in NYC, has come under criticism for some of his lyrics (apparently disrespectful to Muslims) and also for his egotism. Still very enjoyable.

Also a song by Kompressor in Action. In his own words:
"song with india influence. STILL USES SYNTHESIZER FOR MUSIC MIGHT
Credits MUSIC BY ANDREAS K, words some by andreas, some by turban man"

This particular song of Kompressor's becomes incredibly distorted towards the end; it appears that his puny recording equipment could not handle the full force of KOMPRESSOR MIGHT.

I have (at least for the time being) removed the lyrics of this song at the request of KOMPRESSOR in light of the recent attacks on the US.

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