Turkish rock singer. He defines himself as making Anatolian Rock. So far, he has three solo albums: Deli Dus, Bir Garip Ask Bestesi, Zaman. He also made the musics of a popular TV show in Turkish Television called Zerda in 2002. He is from Kahramanmaras, a city from the south-east of Turkey.

He also likes to adapt old Turkish Folk Music songs in rock format such examples as Makaram Sari Baglar, Sari Gelin, Deriko, Karahisar, Essegi Saldim, Yayla Yollari, Cayir Cimen Geze Geze and Derdimi Soylesem.

He is tall and has long curly hairs. Kirac is actually his last name and Tufan is his first name but he does not use the name Tufan.

Last summer I was in his concert in Rumelihisari and his performance was great. He was applaused a few minutes non-stop after his performance by almost 2500 audiences.

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