Trucker Slang

There's a lot of trucker slang, this is just a small list.

10-4 - Yes.
10-20 - Your location.
Alligator - Something in the road, often a tire.
Back Door - Behind you.
Back it Down - Slow down.
Bear - Cop. ("Back it down buddy, you've got a bear at your back door. Copy that?")
Bear Bite - Speeding ticket.
Bear Cave - Police station.
Bear in the Air - Police helicopter that monitors highway speeds below.
Bear in the Bushes - Cop hiding with a radar gun.
Big D - Dallas, Texas.
Bird Dog - Radar detector.
Bobtail - The front part of a truck with no back part.
Brush Your Teeth and Comb Your Hair - Used to notify a driver that there is a bear on the way and to slow down and drive well.
Buster Brown - UPS truck.
Convoy - Group of truckers.
Copy That - Understand.
Crotch Rocket - Motorcycle.
Feed the Bears - Pay for a ticket.
Front Door - In front of you.
Go Juice - Diesel Fuel.
Greasy - When the road is icy and slippery.
Grossed-Out - When you can't carry any more weight.
Hammer Down - Move fast.
Han - Passanger or helper.
Handle - Your alias on the CB.
Jewelry - Tire chains or cables.
Kiddie Car - School bus.
Log Book - A small book drivers have to have which they record their route, hours of driving, stops they make, etc.
Lumper - Person who loads or unloads the truck.
Meatwagon - Ambulance.
Motion Lotion - Diesel Fuel.
Negative - No.
Radio Check - A call to check a radio's operation.
Reefer - Refrigerated trailor.
Roger - Yes; Message received; 10-4.
Skateboard - Flatbed trailor.
Smokey - Highway Cop.
Stand on it - Go faster.
Taking Pictures - When a cop uses a radar gun. ("Brush your teeth and comb your hair, partner. There's a bear in the bushes taking pictures.")


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