Played by actor Hugo Myatt, the character known as Treguard was the host of CITV kid's show Knightmare from its start in 1987 to its eventual demise in 1994.

Over the years Treguard evolved significantly as a character as his role within the dungeon changed. For the first couple of series he was dressed in clothing characteristic of a medieval jailer as the dungeon was actually supposed to belong to Treguard, who would invite mighty dungeoneers (pre-pubescent school children) to attempt to defeat his cunning traps. Mayatt played this role very well, laughing and joking with a variety of one-liners at the dungeoneer's foolishness and follies. As a mere child at the time I used to find him very scary. Treguard worked alone as the dungeon master for these first few years, but one or two characters were residents of the dungeon such as the good wizard, Merlin (John Woodnutt) and the multitude of goblins that tried to kill the dungeoneer every so often.

Later on in series five (1991) the role of Treguard changed drastically from the dungeoneer's opponent to friend and adviser, much to the dismay of many Knightmare fans. This was because Treguard had lost control of the dungeon to 'the opposition', headed by Lord Fear (Mark Knight) and the dungeoneers were there to try and rescue another character (usually Hordriss (Clifford Norgate) or Merlin) from the evil Lord's captivity. Perhaps this was a bad move as we all much preferred the bad ass Treguard, but I won't debate that here. By this time Treguard has had his first sidekick/assistant, Pickle (David Learner) the quite camp elf introduced in series four (1990) who was in series seven (1993) replaced by Majida, (Jackie Sawiris) some sort of female wizard, after Pickle had to return to the forest. Also Treguard had gone from his jailer look to more of a medieval military general look.

Unfortunately after all this there was only one more series to go, series eight. (1994) This series didn't see a lot of change and most notably for Treguard actually ended with him ordering his pet dragon Smirkenoff to rescue the final dungeoneer from the collapsing Knightmare Castle.


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