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I've been a bit idle for nearly a year now, but never fear! I have been relentlessly working on a project that will blow your minds. Honest!

Well, I haven't thought of much to put here on my homenode yet, so here are some of my weirder dreams....

Dream Log: May 4, 2004
Dream Log: May 13, 2004

And why not, daylogs as well...

May 6, 2004

Zantar is a gelatinous cube that eats warriors in a medieval village. In the movie "Wayne's World" Zantar had to devour a chieftainn to ascend to a higher level (the best part being that you couldn't get to the higher level, so kids would keep popping in quarters to the arcade)

My Campaigns

Well, I have a few mission drives within e2:

  • The Captain Scarlet Campaign (Completed! That is until I manage to get a hold of a good DVD box set or something, at which point I may write an episode guide....)
  • Wychwood Brewery (my very first node and will be updated as I drink more of their cracking ales)

My five most popular nodes

My most five popular nodes, in order of rep, are:

  1. Crabbing
  2. Leatherface
  3. Grimsby
  4. Wychwood Brewery
  5. Baked beaans on toast