Ever since my late childhood I have had a fascination with lucid dreaming but despite many attempts over the years using various methods, I never managed to attain a state of lucidity whilst asleep. Until last night.

The answer came to me last night without warning or me even thinking about lucid dreaming. I was down the local pub with my girlfriend, me with my pint of Carling and her with a bottle of blue WKD, when I went to the toilet.

After finishing my business in there, I turned from the urinal to find that three roughnecks had followed me in there, one of them inexplicably holding up my wallet, another one holding up my NUS card. They demand money. I tell them to piss off and try to barge past them and back into the bar. One of them moves in my way, blocking my exit, and pushes his face into mine. I feel the end of his nose against my philtrum, the warm spittle hitting my face as he utters his hooligan-babble at me. I tell them to piss off again, so the one with his face pressed against mine rears back, pulls back his fist and......Nothing. His fist passes straight through my face, and in that instant I feel a moment of clarity and realise I must be asleep.

Normally when I realise I am asleep, I will think about taking over my dream but usually wake up with a start before I can do anything. For whatever reason though I managed to cling onto my slumber and decided that I wanted to fly. (cliche perhaps but it was the first thing that popped into my head) The walls of the gents fall away to be replaced by the purest of blue skies and I feel to be floating, much like in a body of water, rather than flying, yet I feel a moderate breeze blow across my cheeks. Somewhere in the background I hear a very subtle tune, something similar to what one might hear from the Boards of Canada. Somehow I am still aware of my sleeping body, as if I am detached yet still linked to it in some way, and hear an almighty snorting sound come from near it that nearly makes me lose my grip on the dream, but I still manage to cling on for a second..a minute..an eternity. I don't know how long it was until the second almighty sound came but that was enough to make me wake up with a start.

After a few moments of confusion I realise that it was my own snoring that had startled me into suddenly, which dismayed me quite a lot, especially since I didn't even know I snored until then.

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