My favorite body part. This is the little depression between the bottom of the nose and the top of the lip. There's another kinda cute name for it, slips my mind at the moment. But the philtrum is one of those things thats pretty common and yet most people don't know the word for it. Now that you do, you're special too.

The little dimple that can be found right under your nose. A great place to rest the end of your pointer finger (or a Faber #2 pencil) when thinking "hmm...".

I'm not sure of the exact "reason" for the philtrum, so I guess it's right up there with the appendix — although I've never heard of anyone having to have an emergency filtrumdectomy. Perhaps it provides a clearer path for for air flow during sniffing. I have some time booked at the local wind tunnel to test this theory — wish me luck.

I once mistakenly believed that the word was spelled "filtrum" — luckily geeklizzard enlightened me.

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