To attempt to destroy or betray The Government.
The betrayal of trust.

Strangly enough, Benedict Arnold is considered a traitor because he defected from the Americans to the British, but the Americans were clearly the traitors, as they were defecting from the current government.

See also: Treachery, Traitor, Anarchy

Orson Scott Card's best work contrary to popular belief, also his 2nd book. Highly rare, I happen to own a signed first edition. This book, though now out of print, was released twice. The original book, "A Planet Called Treason," was revised extensively by the author and reprinted in 1988. The latter edition is superior in my humble opinion.

The book chronicles the transformative journey of Lanik Mueller, a noble and heir to the throne of a kingdom on a penal colony planet - a planet which became home to an unusual group of exiled conspirators who are unique in many respects but distinct in their genetic and intellectual superiority. The story takes place generations after their exile, and each family has founded a nation. A distinguishing quality of the planet is its low iron reserves, which makes iron the fundament of the planetary economy. Iron, primarily used to create swords and other weapons, is the means by which one nation dominates an iron poor neighbor militarily.

Nations trade their unique products for iron with their off planet wardens, and in the case of Lanik's nation their central commodity is human organs. Which brings us to Lanik, a radical regenerative who is driven from his hereditary title and forced to flee. We follow him through a series of adventures as he undergoes numerous transformations, both physical and spiritual until ultimately he is called upon to be the planet's savior.

The selection of a mutant anti-hero displays a certain physical self-loathing on the part of the author.

interlibrary loan is a good way to get a hold of Treason, should you be unable to locate a copy.

Trea"son (?), n. [OE. tresun, treisun, traisoun, OF. traison, F. trahison, L. traditio a giving up, a delivering up, fr. tradere to give up, betray. See Traitor, and cf. Tradition.]


The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance, or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power; disloyalty; treachery.

The treason of the murthering in the bed. Chaucer.

⇒ In monarchies, the killing of the sovereign, or an attempt to take his life, is treason. In England, to imagine or compass the death of the king, or of the queen consort, or of the heir apparent to the crown, is high treason, as are many other offenses created by statute. In the United States, treason is confined to the actual levying of war against the United States, or to an adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.


Loosely, the betrayal of any trust or confidence; treachery; perfidy.

If he be false, she shall his treason see. Chaucer.

Petit treason. See under Petit.


© Webster 1913.

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