This is the second series both in terms of continuity and airdates that came after the original Transformers. It's one of the Japanese series and as such had a much greater Japanimation feel then the original series.

The series follows a very compelling storyline, but once again the dubbed episodes are terrible. It's a good series to watch so I'd recommend finding the subbed versions in hope that they fare better than the subs.
Arise, Pretenders!
The Destrons' Terrifying Manhunt!
The Targeted Jumbo Jet
Birth of the Headmaster Jrs
Little Demons Run Wild
Showdown in the Wilderness
Panic! Protect the Wildlife
The Super Warriors, the Godmaster Brothers
The Cybertrons are in Danger
The Chosen Hero is Ginrai
Ginrai's Angry, "God On"
The Miraculous Friendship
Is the Monster Friend or Foe?
Destroy Ginrai
Super Ginrai is Born
Lightfoot - A Dramatic Encounter
An Enemy? The Third Godmaster
A Powerful Foe - Sixknight the Wanderer
The Cybertron Warrior, Sixknight?!
Rescue the Girl
Lightfoot Finds His Back to the Wall
Expose the Destrons' Dark Trap
Battle in the Desert
Destroy the Godbomber Plan
God Ginrai Goes into Space
Showdown on the Moon
The Psionic Whirlwind
Undersea Volcanic Eruption
Destroy Godbomber
The Final Godmaster
Destroy the Cybertron Base
The Cybertron Base Explodes
Black Zarak, Destroyer from Space
The Day of Mankind's Destruction
Save Cancer?
Showdown at the Destron Undersea Base
The New Black Zarak
The Reborn Darkwings
The Battle for Survival
The True Form of Devil Z
The Ultimate Battle

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