This is the first series both in terms of continuity and airdates that came after the original Transformers. It's one of the Japanese series and as such had a much greater Japanimation feel then the original series.

The series is interesting, but the dubbed episodes are terrible. The voice actors do a disturbingly horrible job, and worst still, it's not translated properly. It's a good series to watch so I'd recommend finding the subbed versions or even just learning Japanese rather than listening to the dubbed versions.

Four Warriors Come Out of the Sky
The Mystery of Planet Master
Birth of Double Convoy!
Operation: Cassette
Rebellion on Planet Beast
Approach of the Demon Meteorite
The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery
Terror of the Six Shadows
Seibertron is in Grave Danger - Part 1
Seibertron is in Grave Danger - Part 2
Head On, Fortress Maximus
Explosion on Mars! Maximus is in Danger
Explosion on Mars! Megazarak Appears
The Return of the Immortal Emperor
SOS from Planet Sandra
The Most Important Thing in the World
Battle to the Death on the Beehive Planet
Tide-turning Battle on the False Planet
Find Megazarak's Weak Spot
Head Formation of Friendship
Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship
The Death of Ultra Magnus
The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg
I Risk My Life for Earth
The Miracle Warriors - The Targetmasters - Part 1
The Miracle Warriors - The Targetmasters - Part 2
The Master Sword is in Danger
The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide
Operation: Destroy the Destrons
My Friend Sixshot!
Duel on the Asteroid
The Final Showdown on Earth - Part One
The Final Showdown on Earth - Part Two

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