The Transfer Pak was a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 games console made by Japanese video games giants Nintendo.

The transfer pak fits into the back of the N64 controller in the same way as the Controller Pak and the Rumble Pak. The purpose of the transfer pak was to allow Game Boy games to link up with their N64 big brothers. It had a Game Boy Game Pak slot on the back This could only be used with specific Game Boy games linked to specific N64 games. There were so few of these pairs that I think they could all be listed here (see below). Generally, linking up allowed data to be traded between the games or new features to be unlocked.

Pokemon Stadium on the N64 links to Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow. Gold and Silver versions could notbe linked up for this game. If you have these versions, you want PS2 (below).
This was the first game to use the pak, and the pak was bundled with all (I think) copies of this game (N64 Version). Linking these games allowed you to go through the trainer battles and tournaments available in Pokemon Stadium, but instead of using rental pokemon from the cartridge you could use your own pokemon from the Game Boy version which you had trained up and given the best moves to. This added a good degree of personality to the game. You could also play Pokemon on your TV when the cartridge was in, and after some playing you could unlock bonuses which allowed you to double or triple the speed of playing, and so level up your characters faster.

Pokemon Stadium 2 on the N64 links to Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Crystal.
Again, you could play through the tournaments on the cart with your own monsters and play the Game Boy game on a TV. This sequel allowed you to use Gold and Silver's 100 new monsters though, so it was "worth it" to fans.

Perfect Dark on the N64 links to the Game Boy game of the same name.
This allowed 4 cheats to be unlocked on the N64 game, some of which were very difficult to get otherwise. The cheats were: All Weapons, Cloaking Device, R-Tracker and Hurricane Fists. I am not aware of any bonuses which could be unlocked on the Game Boy game through linking up, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. /msg me if you have any information. Additionally, when Perfect Dark was in development it had a face mapping feature which allowed you to put your face onto a multi player character in the game. This was done using the transfer pak and a Game Boy Camera. Photos of people doing this with a beta version of the game appeared in N64 Magazine. Unfortunately, the feature was taken out of the game before release - the reason is debatable. Check Servo5678's writeup in the node Nintendo 64 for information.

Mario Tennis links to the Game Boy game of the same name.
No matter how well you played the game on the N64, there would be four empty slots at the bottom of the character select screen. These would be filled if you created a character on the Game Boy version (which had a pseudo RPG section where you developed a Tennis player and improved their stats) you could then transfer them into the N64 game and play with them there against Mario and the like.

Mario Golf links to the Game Boy game of the same name.
This link up was almost identical to the Mario Tennis link up. You created and developed a player in the Game Boy version, before bringing them to the 3D land of the N64 version.

If I have missed any games out, please let me know.

This Game Boy to home console link up was greatly expanded upon for the Game Cube and Game Boy Advance, with players being able to use the GBA as a controller and extra screen. The tradition of unlocking bonuses continued with the Metroid Prime / Metroid Fusion link up - check those nodes for details, and check the node GameCube Game Boy Advance cable for a more detailed explanation. Thanks RPGeek for drawing that to my attention.

UPDATE!! Servo5678 has finally laid to rest the whole "Pak" issue with his writeup in Game Pak.

Thanks to Servo5678 for reminding me what this peripheral was called.
Thanks to jasonm for a grammar correction.
Thanks to amib for correcting me on what games linked to which other ones.

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